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Reading mostly feminist fantasy, comics, manga & scifi. Hi! ^__^ I'm a German Illustrator and Designer, living in Edinburgh, UK (kein Plan, warum ich das auf Englisch schreibe). Consuming books mostly as audiobooks, reading lots of comics and manga.

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@jascha Ich bin gespannt was du davon hälst ^__^ Ich mochte die ersten „es passiert nix“ 2/3 des Buches im Nachhinein doch ganz gern, auch wenn ich (nach den den ersten beiden Bänden) irgendwie andere Erwartungen hatte. Und ich frage mich, ob es geholfen hätte, die ersten beiden Bände nochmal zu hören (und nicht nur eine Zusammenfassung auf Youtube) um das letzte Drittel zu verstehen …

Nona the Ninth (EBook, 2022, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 4 stars

Her city is under siege. The zombies are coming back. And all Nona wants is …

Tbh I have no idea what's going on anymore

3 stars

that's probably due to that fact that it's been so long that I listened to the first books and also that english is not my first language. The first part with the kids was kinda boring for looooong stretched especially comparing to the first to books, things picked up in the end but as I said I had no idea what was going on anymore.

But Hotsauce is cool ^__^

Marcy and the riddle of the sphinx (2017, Flying Eye Books) 3 stars

Many years have passed since the tale of Arthur and the Golden Rope, and Arthur …

I adore the art so much

3 stars

but the story is unfortunately another „White person goes exotic´ places, exploringmysterious´ cultures that are actually none of her business (hello orientalism, colonislism, plundering and stealing of cultural artefacts, displaying them in museums and refusing to giving them back etc)“.

I wanna have do a reversal of this someday where someone from a fantasy version (see orientalism above) of the Libraries of Timbuktu or something goes to explore the strange and mysterious myths of the „barbaric“ vikings and fights Thor and stuff ^__^ Imagine how angry the faschs are gonne be!

The art though … 💖

The Red Scholar's Wake (Hardcover, 2022, Orion Publishing Co) 5 stars

Xich Si: bot maker, data analyst, mother, scavenger. But those days are over now-her ship …

Liking this so far, as the book mentions as well the power dynamics from prisoner > fake marriage > love story is a bit icky but so far it feels like the protagonist will be able to stand up for herself. I love the world Bodard created, sentient ships is such a badass idea!