No Rules Rules

Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention

320 pages

English language

Published Jan. 26, 2020 by Ebury Publishing.


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4 stars (1 review)

Netflix cofounder Reed Hastings reveals for the first time the unorthodox culture behind one of the world's most innovative, imaginative, and successful companies.

There has never before been a company like Netflix. It has led nothing short of a revolution in the entertainment industries, generating billions of dollars in annual revenue while capturing the imaginations of hundreds of millions of people in more than 190 countries. But to reach these great heights, Netflix, which launched in 1998 as an online DVD rental service, has had to reinvent itself over and over again.

This type of unprecedented flexibility would have been impossible without the counterintuitive and radical management principles that cofounder Reed Hastings established from the very beginning. Hastings rejected the conventional wisdom under which other companies operate and defied tradition to instead build a culture focused on freedom and responsibility, one that has allowed Netflix to adapt and innovate as …

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No Rules rule - under certain circumstances

4 stars

In my experience the book doesn’t over big revelations. You could summarize the content as: Hire smart people and let them do their job. The rest ist justifying this thesis with anecdotal evidence and some cross references to other books and other companies in the area.

Nevertheless I liked reading the book and also hearing many stories about a company like Netflix is dealing with certain things.

I would have loved if the authors elaborated more how they identify the top talents they are referring to so often. How they judge, whether their talents fail to delivery because they are not as awesome as hoped they are, or whether they are just a victim of bad circumstances?