Some Things I Still Can't Tell You


English language

Published Nov. 27, 2021 by Andrews McMeel Publishing.


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5 stars (1 review)

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Review: Misha Collins: "Some things I still can't tell you" (Poetry) (Audiobook)

5 stars

This one was a surprise.

I only checked it out because I was looking for a new voice to talk me into sleep. Actually, I thought Misha Collins might have voiced some Supernatural tie-ins or children's books. I even checked the free sample first, because I was expecting a vanity project targeting his fanbase.

This is definitely not a vanity project. The quality of the poetry is great - and I've read and written a lot about modern English* poetry. I could do a deep dive here, but it would be really deep and probably more than you would like to read. (If you are into doing scholarly text analysis for fun: contact me. I like to play with others.)

The topics go from personal to descriptions of nature and are organized by theme. Also, I really recommend the audio book, because (obviously) this author is professionally trained to work …